Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elusive and Reclusive

You push through the dense forest, trying desperately to hold onto the hope that you'll find your way out.  Surely, a trail will open up, a clearing will appear, salvation will come just around the next bend.  But twist after turn, there is nothing but more gnarled trees blocking your path, more brambles scratching at your legs, more menacing sounds coming from unnamed sources all around you.  And as darkness descends, so do your spirits.
Hours pass...
A thick mantle of clouds drifts across the sky.  The stars wink out, one by one, and finally, the moonlight fades away.
You walk now through the complete blackness of night.  You trip over tree roots, you are raked relentlessly by reaching branches.  You've never been so lost.  So scared.  And worst of all, it has been clear for some time now that something is following you.
You hear it scuffling heavily through the dead leaves and rotting pine needles.  Its breath is ragged.  And it is getting closer.
Something snaps right behind you and you break into a panicked sprint.  You trip.  Fall.  With bloody knees and palms, you heave yourself back up and try to run, but the thing is upon you...
You let yourself fall back to the ground.  You close your eyes tight and curl into a ball.  Your hope is gone.
The thing looms hugely over you now.  You feel the heat of its body.  You smell its earthy, foresty scent - like woodchips and fir cones and mossy soil.  It makes a deep, rumbling, cooing sound and you hear it squat down.  It reaches toward you.
To your utter surprise, you feel the creature ever so gently pet your back.  Its hand is enormous.  It coos again, comfortingly, and pulls you into its arms.  You crack your eyes open and see it.  Can it be?  Are you dreaming?  Can this really be bigfoot?
The creature smiles and you look, fully now, into its deep black eyes.  You know at once that this is no monster.  The creature carries you, moving fast through the trees and the bushes and the boulders.  He keeps going until you have reached a clearing.  And, yes - the road.
He pats your head and coos again before turning and trotting back into the black forest, taking all your fears with him.

Meet the Bigfoot Pals!  Left to right: Bunyip, Sasquatch, and Yeti.  They're available now:
Yarnington on Etsy
Yarnington on Ravelry

Sasquatch: Bigfoot of the forest and mountains
Yeti: Bigfoot of the snow
Bunyip: Bigfoot of Australia

And here are some other woodsy patterns for your perusal:

Thank you to the designers for these awesome patterns!
Happy crocheting!

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