Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Abuzz

Whether you love the creepy crawlies or run, flailing and screaming from them in terror, it is indisputable that they are super-cute in crochet form!
Though I should have been tackling my to-do list today, I was overwhelmed with the urge to create a caterpillar.  And so, Bobbles found his way into existence!

He's now available in my shops (and comes with a bonus flower & two leaf patterns):
Yarnington on Etsy
Yarnington on Ravelry

I'm thinking that I'll have to add some more friends to this little garden party!  To be continued...
So, of course, once I got on the theme, I had to see what else was out there.  Here are some cute patterns for you to try:

This is my favorite
Kabuto Mushi Beetle from Omura
(please forgive me if I wrote this incorrectly - the site is in Japanese)

Firefly from Planet M Files

Bazzil from Amy's Odyssey

Snail by Tamara Bower-Snow on Roxycraft from For the Love of Yarn

Ladybug from Lion Brand

Spider from Lion Brand

Thank you to the artists that provided these patterns!
Happy crocheting!

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